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Pete Davidson Finally Addresses The Size Of His Penis With Machine Gun Kelly: ‘It’s Actually A Scientific Wonder’

While stripped down to their briefs, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and rocker Machine Gun Kelly took over Calvin Klein’s Instagram account on Monday Night. The two are romantically involved with Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, respectively, who were not present as Davidson and Kelly began talking about what’s inside their Calvin Klein briefs.

According to Page Six, the two showed mutual appreciation for each other’s, uh, packages during a Live video where Davidson was the first to comment on Kelly’s whole situation. “Nice stuff, by the way,” Davidson said. “I get it now. Good for you. Good for you, dog.”

But soon the conversation moved to the elephant in the room. After a string of high-profile romantic partners including Ariana Grande, a rumored fling with Kate Beckinsale, and his now relationship with Kim Kardashian, there have been persistent rumors that Pete Davidson has that “BDE” as the kids call it, and he leaned into for the Calvin Klein promotion:

“I’m a grower for sure. I’m not really a grower or a shower. It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder.”

While Davidson has been reluctant to talk about his package, he played it up for the video with Kelly and confirmed that Urban Dictionary is correct to say he has BDE. “That’s insanely embarrassing, but it’s true,” Davidson said.

The two then patted themselves on the back for bringing the “horniness” before signing off. Later, they dropped a photo on the Calvin Klein account complimenting themselves on the live event. “Did we nail it or did we nail it,” they wrote in the caption.

(Via Page Six)