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Rudy Giuliani Showed Up At A Republican Gala, Made An Incoherent Speech, And Was Hilariously Mocked

While laughing at Rudy Giuliani’s many, many, many public missteps (see: Four Seasons Total Landscaping… or marrying your cousin) and mortifying gaffes (remember the fart?) seems to almost have become the unofficial American pastime during the Donald Trump years, the man formerly known as “America’s Mayor” may have finally crossed the line from being funny-sad to just plain pathetic-sad. On Sunday, the former New York City Mayor—who is currently barred from practicing law in the Empire State, as well as Washington, DC—was among the esteemed attendees at a New York Young Republican Club gala.

Over the course of the evening, Giuliani became the target of Walter Masterson, a TikTok prankster—the same one who called Matt Gaetz a pedophile while posing with him—who got Rudy to smile at the camera while an edited version of M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” played, but with the lyrics changed to keep repeating the word “pendejo,” Spanish for “idiot,” over and over. Rudy, blissfully unaware that he was being ruthlessly mocked, mugged for the camera.

Sadly, that wasn’t even the worst of it. Ron Filipkowski shared clips of the speech that someone presumably asked Rudy to give at the event, which wandered down several different roads but didn’t seem to have one unifying sentiment.

The Intelligencer’s Shawn McCreesh was on hand at the event, and described the scene as follows:

The crackpot crescendo reaches new decibels when Giuliani takes the stage. The words “NEW YORK YOUNG REPUBLICAN” hang ironically over his head as he whinges on about commies and Truman and Hitler and Stalin and child pornography and mafiosi and Bellevue and Chairman Mao. “THEY KILLED FEMALE BABIES,” he screams, and everyone looks a little confused. He calls the Bidens a “disgusting trailer trash” crime syndicate, and everyone in the room starts chanting “Let’s go Brandon!” He recites lines plucked from Hunter Biden’s hard drive and snarls, menacingly, “The New York Post! Not only did I give it to them, I shoved it down their throats.” He pauses and says again for emphasis: “I SHOVED IT DOWN THEIR THROATS.”


(Via The Intelligencer)