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Halsey Sometimes Thinks About Not Releasing Music Again After Having Their Baby

Halsey’s riding a bit of a high at the moment, as this summer, they dropped If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which peaked at No. 2 on the charts and is perhaps their most critically acclaimed album so far. Of course, Halsey also had a baby this year, and in light of that, they have considered not releasing anymore music.

On Twitter last night, somebody observed that Halsey’s fans tend to stick with them even if they’re not in love with their latest creative output, and Halsey responded, “I love song discourse! I don’t ever want people to just blindly like whatever I put out. It wouldn’t be fun. I would lose the ‘will they like it?!’ rush I get before releasing music. I just hate when ppl are mean to me (not my work!) for absolutely no reason.”

In response to that, another fan asked, “have u thought more about not releasing music since having Ender? Like that chapter of your life is finished now?” Halsey replied, “im highly sensitive since having my child and I want to protect him from having to read or hear unnecessary things about me in the future considering I have 0 control over what people say abt me and he didn’t ask to receive that volume of info so I do think about it sometimes [heart emoji].”

In response to another fan tweet, Halsey added, “I think more importantly, the kind of mom I would be, if I woke up every day worried that the internet thinks I’m genuinely a bad person, wouldn’t be a good mom. I’m not capable of turning it off and ‘not caring’ so I have to position myself to put life first.”

After some other tweets about fame, Halsey concluded, “Perhaps I will learn to stop spilling my guts and become the reclusive homestead farmer I was always meant to be. Write lots of books that I won’t let anyone publish till I die. Probably not. but if it happens, here’s the foreshadowing.”