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Rihanna, Beyonce, And Taylor Swift Are Some Of 2021’s Most Powerful Women According To ‘Forbes’

There are a lot of women in the music industry that could be labeled “powerful,” depending on how one defines the word. Billie Eilish used her influence to get a high-end fashion designer to commit to ending the use of fur permanently, for example. But for Forbes, money is power. And because of that, Forbes has named Beyonce, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift on a list of the 100 most powerful women of the year.

Coming in at No. 68 on the list is Rihanna. According to Forbes, her addition to their roundup is thanks to the success of her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty, which also made her become a recent billionaire. Beyonce followed Rihanna on the list at No. 76. Forbes named her powerful due to the success of her On The Run II tour with Jay-Z, which they said raked in a total of more than $250 million. Swift landed shortly behind Beyonce at No. 78 due to her process of re-recording her albums and earning her 10th No. 1 album.

The three musicians are in good company on Forbes‘ list. Some other names that make an appearance on the list have both political and financial power, like MacKenzie Scott, who was awarded 25 percent of her ex-husband Jeff Bezos’ Amazon stock and donated nearly $8 billion. Kamala Harris also made the list for her historic role as Vice President.

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