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Jimmy Kimmel Roasts ‘Snowflake’ Tucker Carlson For Completely Melting Down Over A (Fake) Christmas Tree

The long, semi-national nightmare is over. Fox News replaced their “All-American Christmas Tree” less than 48 hours after an act of arson, which appeared to be a random act by a suspect who’s been acting out elsewhere in Manhattan. While a crime did occur, the disproportional, two-day on-air complete meltdown by Fox News hosts was really something. The Fox and Friends declared that this was “a hate crime on Fox News. Tucker Carlson echoed the same sentiment. “Torching Christmas trees is an attack on Christianity,” he argued. “Obviously. It’s an assault on religious observance” and “a hate crime.”

Kimmel pointed out how silly this meltdown looked from afar. While branding Tucker as the “Little Dummer Boy” and “Little Snowflake,” he declared, “They are really making a mountain out of an act of vandalism outside their studio.” He added, “And whether it is or not, Fox desperately wants to make this a political thing.” Yep, and then came this reality: “You can’t commit a hate crime against a channel.”

From there, it’s useful to point out that Tucker and friends were completely losing their minds over a fake Christmas tree, which led Kimmel to wonder if there’s nothing else that Fox News wants to discuss. “Little Snowflake, unlike the Quran, Christians don’t base our faith on pine trees,” Kimmel summed up. “It’s the reason we don’t hang popcorn and Cookie Monster ornaments on the Bible.”

Yup, this whole thing’s a fiasco, and a greater degree of the chaos has gone down on-air than on the crime scene. It’s no wonder that CNN’s Brianna Keilar came for Fox News over how they’re far more upset about this evidence of the “War On Christmas” than the violent MAGA insurrection on January 6. (Priorities.)