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Myles Garrett Has The Chance To Be The First Browns Player In Madden’s 99 Club

Myles Garrett is having an incredible season for the Cleveland Browns. The team’s star defensive end has 14 sacks through 12 games, is terrifying quarterbacks, and has lived in backfields. He’s drawn plenty of praise and attention for his performance on the field, which is leading to

One reward that Garrett might receive is becoming the best player in Browns’ history … at least as far as Madden is concerned. Over the last few years, the team over at Madden has embraced the conversation that exists around player ratings and making a particularly big deal out of anyone who manages to reach 99 overall. On Friday, EA Sports teased that Garrett is on the verge of becoming the first player in franchise history to achieve that rating.

Garrett’s rise as one of the best defensive ends in football has been consistent. He started off as an 88 overall in Madden NFL 19 and has seen his rating only increase from there. As long as he doesn’t see his production drop off suddenly to end this season — and there’s no reason to think that’s going to happen, because he is very good — it seems pretty likely that he will be joining the 99 Club at some point before the end of the year. Should Garrett achieve a 99 overall rating, he will pass longtime Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas, who peaked at a 98 overall.