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‘Star Wars Eclipse’ Is A New Game From Developer Quantic Dream

The Star Wars universe is one of those places that is endlessly cool. There is so much potential for storytelling thanks to nine movies of backstory establishing that universe for other creators to build off of. One aspect of Star Wars that hasn’t been explored very often though has been the era of the High Republic, which is also known as the golden era of the Jedi.

A new game from Quantic Dream is going to change that. Star Wars Eclipse is Quantic’s latest game and will involve the exploration of the unexplored Outer Rim. Because this is a game from Quantic Dream we can expect branching story paths, a lot of cinematics, and some interactive storytelling.

Quantic Dream has a lot of games under its belt, but it is best known as the studio that created Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain. Anyone who enjoyed those games will have an opportunity to have a similar experience in the Star Wars universe.

What will be interesting to see is how the development team chooses to approach the alternate story paths. Star Wars video games are no strangers to letting players choose between the Dark Side of the force and the Light side. Could we see this game follow a similar path or is there going to be an expectation from Quantic Dream to do something new and interesting with their branching paths? We’ll just have to wait and find out.