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Zendaya Is Very Concerned About Tom Holland Drowning In Puke In His Spider-Man Suit

It’s 3 a.m. You’re in bed, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. What thoughts are swirling around your mind? Maybe they’re about overdue bills, or a big meeting with a boss, or if you’re Zendaya, that Tom Holland might drown in vomit in his Spider-Man suit.

The Emmy-winning actress has for years voiced her worry for Holland’s wellbeing. “You know what I think about all the time that really scares me? Is like, when he wears that thing, the mask that you can’t just take off, because it’s all like one piece, I get scared all the time, like, what if he’s working so hard that he throws up, and then he can’t, he chokes! I think about it all the time! That’s really scary,” she said in 2019. She brought up her super-specific fear again on The Graham Norton Show last week.

Does Holland have the same level of concern?

“It’s quite a legitimate fear. When I’m in the suit and I’m in the full thing, if you were to throw up in the suit, you would effectively drown,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. Holland then relayed a story about getting trapped under a fake rock while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming and having water drip into his mask, which he described as “waterboarding myself.”

Find yourself a partner who cares for you as much as Zendaya cares about Tom Holland not suffocating in vomit.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)