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Why Do The UNCS Armed Forces Keep Getting Crushed By Vehicles In ‘Halo Infinite’?

Halo Infinite is supposed to be a story about a heroic soldier rescuing everyone when he is needed most. Master Chief is the ultimate spartan. A hero of earth and the world’s greatest protector from threats like the Covenant, the Forerunners, and now the Banished. When the Zeta Halo was taken over by the Banished, the UNSC was decimated in the process and it seemed like all hope was lost until Master Chief returned. With him they had hope. They had a chance at survival.

So why is it that these same soldiers who so willingly looked to Master Chief for guidance are also willingly throwing their lives away to stand beneath falling vehicles? Every player in Halo Infinite has a story at this point. They reach a FOB, call in a vehicle, and then watch as one of the USNC Marines standing at the FOB mindlessly stand in the drop area waiting for a swift death via a falling vehicle. The only question we have is why?

It’s not like the Pelican flying in is catching anyone off guard! It’s very loud, impossible to miss, and it’s carrying a giant vehicle. Nobody should be able to ignore that this ship is clearly dropping in a vehicle for Master Chief’s use and yet they continue to stand in harm’s way. Some even choose to jump into harm’s way!

At this point, the only thing that Master Chief can do is protect these hopeless Marines from any further damage. He can push them out of the way or use the fact that he is more powerful to take the brunt of the damage. Maybe that’s the true lesson in all of this? Master Chief must protect these Marines at all cost, because without them they really are hopeless. He is the ultimate shield.

That or maybe they aren’t that bright.