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MAY-A’s Holiday Playlist Brings Back Fond Memories

Winter in the United States is summer in Australia, so May-A typically spends Christmas holidays by the beach, “attempting surfing or passed out in the sand somewhere,” they tell us via email. In fact, one of MAY-A’s favorite holiday memories comes from a camping trip when they spent the whole day kayaking. “The kayak was made out of fiberglass and it had split somewhere along the side but I hadn’t realised, the fiberglass particles all got stuck in my skin and I couldn’t move for the entire day,” they remember. “My cousin lost his phone in the river and we ended up having to sleep in a trailer because there weren’t any beds, so many things were chaotic but it was the closest I’d felt to my family and the last time I saw some of them.”

Despite the differing scenery of the season in Australia, holiday music still plays a big role in the appreciation for the time of year — when you want it to. “Holiday music can be the most overly positive overly cheery shit sometimes,” MAY-A explains. “When you’re in the mood for it, it’s uplifting and fun, when you’re not, it makes you feel like the grinch. I’m on both sides of the spectrum for sure. Despite the varying appreciation for holiday music, May-A still sat down to take part in the latest installment of the Uproxx holiday playlist.

Check out the full playlist, along with MAY-A’s explanations for each of their picks, down below.

Michael Bublé – “Holly Jolly Christmas”

This song is the epitome of a love/hate relationship. For instance, I hate this song most of the time. But sometimes, in the right setting and the right mood, surrounded by family it’s a nice warm feeling. If this song comes on the radio when I’m by myself I’ll probably try to pull it out of the car.

Wham! – “Last Christmas”

I remember last year around Christmas this song came on the radio about every 20 minutes, and it was great. I listen to this song outside of the holidays as well.

Justin Bieber – “Mistletoe”

Was in love with Justin Bieber as a kid so when this song came out i was stoked. I remember watching the music video wishing it was about me.

Bobby Helms – “Jingle Bell Rock”

A nice feel-good christmas song

Michael Bublé – “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

This song makes me feel calm and I feel like I’m in a Mary Poppins movie or something. I feel classy.

Mariah Carey – “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

An absolute banger. I live and die for Mariah and this song. enough said.

Joel Feliciano – “Feliz Navidad”

This is the definition of a Christmas party song. Put this one on at a Christmas party and you’ll get everyone up and dancing.

The Jackson 5 – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”

Just a funky Christmas song, the Jackson 5 always bring a good vibe.

MAY-A is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.