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Trump Supporters Are Now Going Door To Door Trying To Drum Up Evidence Of ‘Voter Fraud,’ And People Are Pissed About It

It’s been over a year since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, but his supporters are still convinced voter fraud is to blame. So convinced, in fact, that some MAGA followers are now harassing their neighbors in order to prove their theories of election tampering.

According to a new report from Buzzfeed, a volunteer grassroots organization called the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, has been knocking on the doors of residents in small towns, hoping to find evidence of voter fraud. The group is led by a woman named Marylyn Todd, who took a leave of absence from her job to organize the canvassing project, which uses an app and the voter identification information that’s free to the public to track down suspected election fraud. Though the group refused to explain why certain towns and citizens were targeted, it’s pretty clear that none of the residents who’ve been contacted by these Trump supporters are happy about it, especially when volunteers began asking questions about their political affiliations and who they voted for the 2020 election.

“One Waterville Valley resident said that’s exactly what two people at his doorway asked him — at which point he gave them five seconds to leave,” the article says. “The canvassers did clear out, but the man said he was furious that ‘two dumbasses’ had come calling asking about personal information: ‘I was enraged. I am to this day offended at the whole notion that there was any widescale election fraud. … I was like, sputtering mad. I called the police dispatch.’”

Another resident reportedly told a canvasser to get the hell off his property, to which the volunteer replied, “That’ll be a nice trip, thank you. I’ll see you there.”

Multiple police reports have been filed though Republican officials claim no laws are being broken at this time. Unfortunately, New Hampshire isn’t the only state where Trump supporters (joined by QAnon members) are harassing voters looking for evidence of election fraud that just doesn’t exist. In Colorado, members of the far-right militia the Three Percenters, have discussed carrying firearms to protect canvassers as they knock on doors. In Utah, Trump supporters volunteering to canvas must sign NDAs and record their interactions with residents.

This very public display of what it means to be a sore loser would be sad if it wasn’t so bizarre and if it didn’t make regular Americans so damn uncomfortable in their own homes.

“I just assumed by the end of the conversation they were looking to prove voter fraud in favor of Trump,” one New Hampshire resident said of her interaction with canvassing Trump supporters. “Primarily because who else is talking about an election that’s way over?”

(Via Buzzfeed)