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Shaq Wore A Wig Because He Bumped Into An Exit Sign And Has Band-Aids On His Head

Shaquille O’Neal is a gigantic human. It’s something that everyone knows, but you can’t fully comprehend until you actually stand next to him in real life. Still, all you need to do is read that he is 7’1 (although he’s been listed at as being a little taller at points in his career) and you can get a sense of how huge he is.

Anyway, we say all of that to say this: Shaq’s size made him one of the most unstoppable forces in the history of American sports and also has the occasional downsides. One of them was on display on Tuesday night’s edition of TNT’s NBA coverage, which started with Shaq wearing a wig and the rest of the crew wondering what was going on.

He tried to play it off as a joke, saying that a hawk swooped down and attacked him, which obviously no one believed, even when he showed them the two band-aids on top of his head. But ultimately, Shaq came clean and admitted that he didn’t see an exit sign, which led to him scraping the top of his head.

Fortunately Shaq didn’t need stitches or anything like that, and instead, he and the rest of the gang laughed at an injury that’s extremely relatable to anyone who has ever tried to enter a crawlspace and conked part of their head.