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‘Ted Lasso’ Dropped A Surprise Holiday Present: A Claymation Short In Which Our Hero Loses His Precious Mustache

Like a lot of us, Ted Lasso had a pretty all-over-the-place 2021. The Apple TV+ sports comedy-drama dropped its second season. It won a bunch of awards. It became more beloved than it was already. Then there was a backlash. Then there was a backlash to the backlash. There might have been a backlash to the backlash against the backlash. But it’s tricky keeping track of these things. Mitt Romney and a profoundly unpopular Democrat made a Ted Lasso-inspired meme, which it seems even star Jason Sudeikis, who plays the world’s peppiest man onscreen, thought stunk.

But ol’ Ted is looking to end the year on an up note. On Wednesday, a week-and-change before Christmas, the show dropped a surprise holiday gift: an animated short entitled Ted Lasso: The Missing Christmas Mustache. It turns our cast of footballers and coaches and whatnot into Claymation creations (but with the same voices), with everyone trying to figure out a big mystery: What happened to Ted’s beloved facial hair? It’s gone missing, and just in time for a big Zoom call.

Naturally, there’s a heartwarming message at the end of the four-minute short. It is Ted Lasso after all. The third season is still being written, which explains why the cast reunites but only via voice. But don’t worry: Surely they’ll have another chance to throw some wild parties when the program Hoovers up a bunch more awards next year.

You can watch Ted Lasso: The Missing Christmas Mustache in the video above.

(Via THR)