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What’s On Tonight: Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘The Hand Of God’ Arrives On Netflix

The Hand Of God (Netflix film) — Academy Award winner Paulo Sorrentino (The Young Pope) returns to HBO with this story of tragedy and unexpected joys, along with how fates intertwine. Sorrentino’s telling this story from his own hometown (Naples), so expect a deeply personal (and of course, beautiful) story, even though ultimately, it’s a story about young Fabietto Schisa and the arrival of a football legend on the scene.

Foodtastic: Season 1 (Disney+ series) — This reality cooking show will blow (at least) a few minds with contestants concocting enormous food sculptures in an effort to push their creative limits for all the foodies out there.

Selling Tampa: Season 1 (Netflix series) — Florida real estate takes center stage when an all Black, all female real estate firm decides to take charge of the Suncoast. Ambitions will run wild with everyone competing to broker the most lavish waterfront homes of all. Live (vicariously) a little.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX, 10:00 & 10:30pm) — The Gang officially heads to Dublin for an “authentic” experience, but of course, things get dirty, both figuratively and literally. In the meantime, Dennis and Dee attempt to enjoy the countryside while Charlie’s hoping to find his Irish pen pal. Oh, and Mac’s having an identity crisis.

Hawkeye: Season 1 (Disney+ series) — The MCU is in holiday mood for this series, which begins to pass the arrow from Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton to Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, and Steinfeld is freaking fantastic, but everything has changed after Yelena’s arrival in the final moments of last week’s episode. Watch out, Clint.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Penelope Cruz, Kid Cudi, Joanna Stern

Welcome To Earth (Nat Geo and Disney+ limited series) — Darren Aronofsky produces and Will Smith stars in this extraordinary global adventure that will remind everyone that there’s plenty of surfaces on Earth that humans have barely noticed as of yet. The show takes adventures to silently roaring volcanoes and journeys into morphing deserts and highlights all of the breathtaking moments that nature has to offer. Maybe, just maybe, Will’s sense of awe and palpable enthusiasm will take your mind away from all of those horror stories that he’s been relaying on the promotional trail. One can only hope, and maybe we’ll see some Independence Day jokes, too.