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Keanu Reeves Almost Went By A Fake Name That’s Not Nearly As Cool As Keanu Reeves

There are other famous people named Keanu out there, but (with all due respect to Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keanu Neal and TikTok star Keanu Bruijnen) only one that matters. Keanu Reeves is a good guy with a great name, but before he was KEANU REEVES: INTERNATIONAL MOVIE STAR, he considered changing his name.

“I’m 20 years old, I’m in my first car, I wanted to be in movies, I went to Hollywood. And I get there and they’re like, ‘We wanna change your name.’ I’m like, ‘Why?’ And they’re like, ‘Keanu, maybe it’s a little too exotic.’ And so, yeah, I did,” The Matrix Resurrections star told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. What did he consider changing his name to? “Chuck Spadina,” he answered. “I just came up with ridiculous names.”

Chuck Spadina is a next-door neighbor. Chuck Spadina works in construction. Chuck Spadina is the first boy you dated in middle school. But Chuck Spadina is not a movie star name. But Keanu Reeves? There’s a movie star name. “I just actually couldn’t do it,” Reeves said about the name change, and he’s “happy” that he isn’t Chuck Spadina.

We are, too. “Have you seen the new Chuck Spadina movie?” No, thanks.

You can watch the Good Morning America interview above.