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Turnstile Played A Pair Of ‘Glow On’ Tunes On ‘Seth Meyers’ For Their Debut Late-Night TV Performance

2021 was quite the year for Baltimore hardcore group Turnstile. Their third album, Glow On, thrust the group to greater heights than they had ever reached before, as it became their first project to chart on the Billboard 200. Furthermore, the LP was named one of the year’s best albums by pretty much every music publication (including Uproxx), ranking highly on many of those lists. Now, they just put a cherry on top of their year last night by making their late-night TV debut on Late Night.

The group performed a pair of songs on the show, which might sound like a lot, but together, “Mystery” and “TLC (Turnstile Love Connection)” run for a total of about four minutes, and even less time as they were performed on Late Night. As for the performance, they didn’t tone down their hardcore sensibilities just because they were on a major network, as they delivered impassioned renditions of both tracks, which sounded like one as they transitioned from one to the other on the fly.

A late-night TV appearance is a major opportunity for any artist, but especially for a group that plays in a genre not often represented on national television, so the band was pretty pleased with the situation, as evidenced by the photo they took outside of the studio.

Watch Turnstile perform “Mystery” and “TLC (Turnstile Love Connection)” on Late Night above.