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Beyonce’s New TikTok Already Has Thousands Of Followers, Even With Zero Content

The Carter family has been causing quite the kerfuffle on social media of late, owing in large part to their usual reluctance to log on unless they have new projects to promote. Earlier this year, Jay-Z revived his long-dormant Instagram account, only to delete it again after it had served its apparent purpose: drawing attention to the Netflix Western he’d produced, The Harder They Fall. Now, it’s Beyonce’s turn. Tapping into the growing popularity of TikTok, Beyonce started an account, accumulating thousands of followers within an hour of the Tidal Twitter account’s announcement.

As of press time, Beyonce’s verified account has over 191,000 followers despite having no videos, no bio, and no profile picture. Such is the power of the Beyhive, who remain dedicated to following all of the singer’s moves, no matter how cryptic, perhaps in the hopes of being among the first to catch wind of another surprise album drop, a la 2014’s Beyonce.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time the Carter clan brought waves of new users to a simmering social platform. In 2020, Beyonce’s mention of OnlyFans on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” remix (apparently penned by Jay) caused a massive jump in the site’s visibility and subscribership despite its reputation for being a bastion of spicy content. Beyonce’s latest move will likely have a similar enervating effect on TikTok’s mainstream appeal, which means that those funky dances are probably here to stay.