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Jimmy Kimmel Shared Each State’s Top Pornhub Search For 2021, But Does NOT Want To Know What ‘Tribbing’ Is

If you’ve ever wondered what type of porn people in Wisconsin are jerking off to (and who among us hasn’t?) you might be surprised to learn that the answer is “lesbian yoga.” How do we know this? Jimmy Kimmel told us!

At the end of each year, Pornhub shares some of the data the site has collected over the past 12 months to share with the public, including a map of the most searched types of pornography in every state. And some of the results were, well, kind of sad.

Maybe it’s because of the near-two years we’ve spent living in a pandemic, but some of the topics being searched out were downright sob-worthy. In Arkansas, for example, the top searched term was… “Divorced,” which Kimmel admitted “might be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.”

In North Dakota, people are all about the “Quickie,” which Kimmel thinks “makes sense, because it’s freezing up there. You don’t want to be naked too long.” He presented Louisiana with the Least Imaginative Award, given that their top search was simply “Naked women.” (Do better, Louisiana!) North Carolina got a little more imaginative with their interest in “penis pumps,” while Indiana opted for the more traditional “dildo.”

“Vermont’s number one is ‘tribbing,’” Kimmel said, “which not only do I have no idea what that is—I don’t want to look it up, because I’m afraid I might run into Ben & Jerry, like, eating ice cream on top of each other.”

If you want to see where you fit in in your state, you can watch the full clip above.