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Seth Meyers Broke Out Some Pretty Great Impressions Of Kendall And Cousin Greg From ‘Succession’ In The Course Of Mocking Don Jr.

Fox News conspiracy theory-pushers Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brian Kilmeade have been making headlines all week—and not for reasons they’d want to brag about in their holiday newsletter to family members. On Monday night, vice-chair of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee Liz Cheney read aloud from some of the fraught texts all three Fox soldiers sent to Donald Trump’s then-chief of staff Mark Meadows in the midst of the Capitol riots on January 6th, in which they made it clear that Trump needed to put an end to the violence erupting around him.

Seth Meyers certainly had some opinions about the Fox News team’s actions—namely, how despicable it is that they have spent the last year downplaying the events of that day, when they clearly understood the gravity of what was happening. But he was even more fascinated, and partly amused, that Donald Trump Jr. is yet another one of the people who was frantically texting Meadows.

Meyers dedicated Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look” segment to the kerfuffle surrounding the outing of these texts. Yet he couldn’t help but point out how odd it seemed that Don Jr., rather than expressing his concerns to his father directly, opted to reach out to Meadows as the middleman:

“Damn, they have Don Jr.’s text messages to his father’s chief of staff. Which means Don Jr. doesn’t have his father’s own phone number? And if Don Jr. gets relegated to the chief of staff, who does Eric have to go through? Rudy?”

While he was on the topic of douchey sons who are desperate to be loved by their fathers, Meyers couldn’t help but remark that “even Kendall Roy gets to talk face-to-face with Logan.” Which inevitably led to a pretty decent impression of Jeremy Strong at his most broken. (An impression that Meyers once whipped out for Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox, who described it as “incredibly brief.”)

But Meyers, helping to fill the void we’re already feeling from the lack of Succession, wasn’t ready to stop with Kendall. So he found a way to segue his impression of Kendall planning the Capitol riot into what Cousin Greg’s response might which—if it is to be said, so it be, so it is—was pretty spot-on.

You can watch the full clip above; the Succession bit starts just before the 3:00 mark.