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Doja Cat Say She Almost Appeared On Billie Eilish’s 2017 Track ‘Bellyache’

Doja Cat rarely fails to rise to the occasion. Whether it’s through her own work and performances or guest features with other artists, the rapper seems to come through every time. However, there was one moment when she couldn’t get into the zone. During a profile with Rolling Stone, Doja revealed that she almost appeared on Billie’s 2017 track “Bellyache.” The song eventually arrived as a solo effort and the second single for Billie’s 2017 EP, Don’t Smile At Me. During the interview, Doja explained why she’s not on it.

“I remember thinking it was so cute. I loved it. I just couldn’t think of anything to write,” Doja said. “It was one of my writer’s-block moments.” Despite this, Doja wasn’t upset with herself for missing out. “I remember seeing that song blow up and thinking, ‘Good for her. That’s awesome,’” she added. “I don’t think the song was for me, though. It was quite hard to write to.”

Doja also addressed criticisms for past work with producer Dr. Luke, who was accused of sexual assault by singer and protégé Kesha back in 2014. “The point is he’s gotten some credit for sh*t,” she said. “And, you know, it’s whatever. I don’t think I need to work with him again. I don’t think I need to work with him in the future. I know that.”

You can read Doja’s Rolling Stone interview here and revisit “Bellyache” in the video above.