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The Jonas Brothers Recreated The Viral ‘Bing Bong’ TikTok — With A Cameo From President Biden

Well, Lil Nas X did it first, with cameos from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Normani, but the “bing bong” TikTok from @SideTalkNYC has struck again. (Worth noting it’s also become a rallying cry for Knicks fans due to the context of the original interview).

This time, however, the celebrities involved are The Jonas Brothers… and President Biden himself, who is namechecked — well, sorta — in the now repeatedly viral clips. You can check out the original videos from Sidetalk’s encounters with characters in snippets dubbed Coney Island Ski Club and Coney Island’s Finest, where so many of these TikTok audio clips originated. Phrases like “Are you vaccinated? Yes sir. Ey yo!” “Bing bong!” “Who’s the president man, who’s the president?” and the reply “Byron! Byron!” along with the prompt “What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now?” and the reply “What’s up baby…take me out to dinner” are all taken from these interviews.

The Jonas Brothers incorporate all these snippets into their own TikTok, which was shot in the White House, and pans out at the end to reveal President Biden sure they got the shot — “We got it!” The video is ostensibly to remind people to get vaccinated, but honestly not sure if this is going to convince anyone. Still, anything to distract from the current surge, right?