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Sky Ferreira Says Her Long-Promised Second Album Will Finally Come Out In 2022

Good news for pop heads this weekend — after Stereogum published their annual anticipated albums list, one of the artists included weighed in. Sky Ferreira was listed at No. 5 on their list, and she often makes Stereogum’s list of albums the staff most wants to come out, but this time she addressed her inclusion directly. Posting an Instagram story with her spot on the list highlighted, Ferreira wrote “Top 5 most anticipated albums of 2022 @Stereogum, (it happens every year, but it’s actually coming out this time).”

Sky Ferreira

We’ve heard before that Sky’s label troubles have been almost insurmountable, but back in 2019 she released the new single “Downhill Lullaby” and appeared as a featured guest on Charli XCX’s self-titled album on the song “Cross You Out” the same year. Maybe the downtime in 2020 was enough of a break for Ferreira and her label to work out the technicalities, or maybe she got back in the studio and created some brand new songs.

Either way, when My Time, Night Time came out in 2013, it was widely-regarded by critics as a dark pop classic, and fans were eager to hear more from her. But now, almost nine years later, they might finally be getting that follow-up. With a new album from Charli XCX coming in the spring, maybe we’ll get another Sky feature there, along with some new solo music. Fingers crossed this is the year the follow up really does happen!