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Chloe x Halle Are Facing Off In A 90-Minute Twitch Livestream To Encourage Women In Gaming

Looks like there’s absolutely nothing Chloe x Halle Bailey can’t do. These sisters have been Beyonce’s proteges for years now, and broke out in a big way in 2020 with their second album, The Ungodly Hour. Since then, Chloe Bailey has launched her own solo career with the single “Have Mercy,” and Halle landed a starring role as Ariel herself in new live action The Little Mermaid remake. Not too shabby for a few pandemic years! But they won’t stop there, now the sisters are getting involved in the gaming world, and advocating for more women in the male-dominated and historically sexist space.

In an attempt to combat some of the past toxicity, LG is launching a content series as part of its Only On OLED campaign. Chloe and Halle will face off in a live streamed Twitch battle and during their 90-minute match the sisters will be joined by Evil Geniuses Creator Collective stars Lisa Wallen and Aruuu. “We want to encourage women to get involved, learn more, support and take over gaming!” said Chloe of the collaboration. No exact info has been shared on what games the sisters will be competing against each other in, but in the practice snippets from above, they’re driving cars — so definitely some races. Check out the teaser above and look out for the live stream tonight at 7:30 PM EST.