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Tucker Carlson Went On A Bizarre Rant Against Eric Swalwell, Who He Called ‘Physically Unclean’ And A Person Who May Have ‘Multiple Chlamydia Infections’

Anyone watching Tucker Carlson on Monday night might have easily thought they had stumbled upon the Comedy Central Roast of Eric Swalwell. But nope, it was just the Fox News host laying into the California congressman for what most people can only surmise is Swalwell’s opinion that unvaccinated people should not be able to travel by plane.

On Sunday night, Swalwell tweeted that he was on a flight headed toward San Francisco and “it is one-hundred percent batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly. It’s unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting the virus. Requiring the vaccine to fly is the LEAST we can do to stop the spread.”

Carlson, who may or may not be vaccinated (he’s probably vaxxed and boosted, who are we kidding?), seemed to take severe umbrage at the opinion that people who have not been immunized against a highly contagious virus that has so far killed more than 5.3 million people around the world should not be allowed to share airspace with those who would prefer to not die from COVID. So he launched a very personal attack against Swalwell, whom Carlson described as “the most physically unclean member of Congress”

As Mediaite reports, Carlson—after saying that both the airlines and “any sane physician” would disagree with Swalwell’s anti-vaxxer airplane ban—seems to think that Swalwell’s dick is the real public health crisis. Carlson charged that the congressman “now imagines himself a public health official with the power to make these decisions. So, before we go any further and grant Eric Swalwell that power, we probably ought to see his medical records. It’d be kind of ironic if a guy with multiple chlamydia infections was lecturing the rest of us about how to keep safe from a virus. We await that data.”

Though Carlson offered no proof of his accusations or truly intimate knowledge of the health of Swalwell’s nether regions, the image posted over his shoulder said a lot (also: we like the art above his bed):

Tucker Carlson 12-20-2021
Fox News

The “In Bed With Fang Fang” caption was a reference to Swalwell’s reported sexual liaisons with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, who raised funds for a number of Democrats, including Swalwell. Fang fled the country in 2015; while Swalwell refused to say whether he and Fang were intimately involved, he swears that he did not share any sensitive information with the reported operative.

It’s worth noting that Carlson and Swalwell got into a bit of a text tiff this summer, with the Congressman claiming, “Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you.”

As for those chlamydia claims? To borrow a phrase from Carlson: We await the data.

(Via Mediaite)