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Anthony Kiedis And Dave Navarro Performed Together For The First Time Since 1998 And Did A Lou Reed Cover

Anthony Kiedis and Dave Navarro haven’t performed together since Navarro left his short-lived stint as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist in 1998. While John Frusciante is back with the Chili Peppers again on guitar for their upcoming tour and rumored new album, Navarro has been busy enough as of late himself. He’s the guitarist for Eddie Vedder’s new supergroup backing band The Earthlings, who are set to go on tour next year. He also just formed the NHC supergroup with Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters and his Jane’s Addiction bandmate Chris Chaney.

But on December 20th, at Navarro’s Above Ground charity concert in Los Angeles to benefit the music industry mental-health focused MusicCares, Kiedis came out of the woodwork to play a song with his old guitarist. It wasn’t anything off of One Hot Minute (the one album Navarro appeared on with RHCP), but a cover of Lou Reed’s ubiquitous “Take A Walk On The Wild Side.” Navarro and the band were coursing through songs from Lou Reed’s Transformer album when with Navarro on an acoustic guitar, Kiedis stepped out onto the stage and delivered Reed’s classic with impeccable timing. The two finished the song shoulder-to-shoulder bobbing to the saxophone outro and it was a sweet moment to see them together again.

“Been a very long time since I performed with my brother Anthony!,” Navarro posted later on Instagram. “What a magical night. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting @abovegroundorg my friend!”

Watch the video of the performance above.