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Lizzo’s New Holiday-Themed Photos Cast Her As A Palette-Swapped ‘Mrs. Grinch’

Even if this Christmas won’t feel quite so merry with [gestures at everything], it’s nice to have reminders of what the season’s supposed to be about: Togetherness, community, and peace on Earth. In the words of Stevie Wonder, someday at Christmas, maybe we’ll actually have all those things. ‘Til then, there’s Lizzo in her palette-swapped Grinch suit spreading some holiday cheer.

When it comes to getting into the spirit of the holidays, no one does it quite like Lizzo. The “Rumors” singer has no problem going all-out whenever there’s a chance to take some themed photos, as shown by her commitment to the dancehall theme of Cardi B’s birthday party or her wild Baby Yoda Halloween costume. Naturally, that commitment carried over to her flicks celebrating the Christmas season, complete with green hair peeking out of a Christmas tree bonnet topped with a bow, candy cane-colored nails, and tree ornament earrings complementing a red, ruffled bodysuit.

Lizzo isn’t the only big-name star getting into the spirit of the season. Ed Sheeran and Elton John recently released their “Merry Christmas” video, Atlanta trap rap pioneer Gucci Mane dropped an entire holiday-themed mixtape called So Icy Season, and rising Memphis rapper Jucee Froot also ran with a “sexy Grinch” theme in her “Christmas List” video (that’s the second time I’ve had to write that phrase and it’s still off-putting). Even NBA star Shaq dressed up like an elf (specifically, Will Ferrell’s character buddy from the holiday film Elf) to recreate some iconic scenes.