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The Basketball Robot Can Dribble Now, But Don’t Worry Its Handles Are Trash

Earlier this year, fans watching basketball at the Tokyo Olympics were treated to halftime entertainment in the form of a basketball shooting robot that shot from the free throw line, three-point line, and even halfcourt, leading to a lot of jokes about Ben Simmons, Kawhi Leonard, and others.

After impressing early on, the robot was exposed as a fraud, incapable of dribbling and, as the tournament wore on, it got less accurate and started missing shots. However, the FIBA basketball robot got back in the lab — literally, in this instance — and has added dribbling to its arsenal, as it showed off on Monday. However, unless this robot is going back in time to play in 1947, these garbage handles aren’t going to get it anywhere anytime soon.

As happened the first time around with its pitifully slow shooting form, the reaction to the robot dribbling from people was mostly about how they would still destroy it in some 1-on-1.

There were also lots of folks calling out the robot for looking like Stanley from The Office trying to dribble with just one hand.

And, of course, Bob Cousy got slandered by many because, well, what else do you expect from a video of someone dribbling slowly with one hand in a straight line.