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This Pee-Related Fact Will Greatly Improve Your Viewing Of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Whatever your thoughts on The Matrix Resurrections, and my own were something along the lines of “the best part was when they made fun of the idea of trying to make a Matrix sequel,” I have some information that’s bound to improve your viewing experience.

If you’ll remember, a few months back, the lead singer of the band Brass Against, Sophia Urista, apologized for an incident in which she brought a fan onstage and urinated in the man’s eager mouth during the band’s cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Wake Up.” You can watch it below, and hey, why wouldn’t you?

As for the background, per Stereogum: “Get my man with the can on his head ready, ’cause we’re going to bring him onstage and I’ma piss in this motherf*cker’s mouth,” she said while Brass Against covered Rage The Machine’s “Wake Up.” “I gotta pee,” she said. “And I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.”

In my opinion, this was nothing that required apology. The fan clearly was clearly into it, and if I had been at a show where the lead singer peed in a guy’s mouth I probably would’ve considered it great entertainment (it’s certainly not the wildest or the grossest thing a performer has ever done at a punk show). So long as I wasn’t one of the people in the front row who the guy spat the pee on. That was kind of messed up. In any case, it was a really impressive stream. Sophia Urista should be celebrated both for her skills as an entertainer and for her powerful bladder.

Which brings us to The Matrix: Resurrections. After a promising first 30 minutes or so and increasingly exhausting next 90+, the film finally comes to a close in a sort of coda scene, which I won’t spoil here, mostly because I didn’t understand what was even happening at that point well enough to try to explain it. The more salient fact was the song that kicks in during the film’s closing credits: that’s right, “Wake Up,” by Brass Against. Next time you watch it, feel free to nudge your date during that moment and loudly whisper, “That’s the pee song.”

I can assure you that whatever the hell was supposed to be happening in that scene was greatly improved by imagining Sophia Urista shouting “I’ma piss in this motherf*cker’s mouth!” playing underneath as it does. Was this another meta moment from director Lana Wachowski? Who could say, really, but for this viewer, it was a bold choice that truly worked.

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