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The Golden Globes Show Is Still Somehow Happening (Without Any Celebrity Presenters Or Many Guests)

It’s been a rough year for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. After years of mostly whispered controversy, the group, which has run the Golden Globes since 1944, were finally called out on matters ranging from accusations of self-dealing to insensitivity about sexual harassment to a lack of representation. (Before 2021, they didn’t have a single Black member, for one thing.) After last year’s shindig, they vowed to dramatically change, but not before NBC refused to air the ceremony, which is scheduled to happen on Sunday. And then there’s the Omicron variant, which has once again put the kibosh on many public events and gatherings.

But the show is still going on, sort of, though it’s not clear how. Variety obtained an e-mail from the show’s talent booker, which revealed that, well, they didn’t book any talent. In lieu of a splashy televised event hosted by, say, an increasingly aggro Rikcy Gervais, this year’s Globes will be…something.

“The Golden Globes will move forward with a small event on January 9th that will not only award the best performances in television and film for 2021, but also on recognizing the importance of supporting diverse creatives across the industry,” the e-mail reads. “The event this year will celebrate and honor a variety of diverse, community-based programs that empower inclusive filmmakers and journalists to pursue their storytelling passions. The HFPA has financially supported important underserved organizations for decades and will continue to invest in the future leaders of our industry.”

What’s unclear are details, such as if it will be aired somewhere, how the awards will be revealed if not, and who on earth will be present. As per the e-mail, “The event will have limited guests and with strict COVID protocols that include not only proof of full vaccination, but also a booster shot and a negative PCR test.”

Whatever it is, it’s happening this Sunday, Jan. 9, i.e., a mere five days away as of this writing.

NBC said they would consider airing the Globes again provided the HFPA made significant in-roads into improving their membership, among other things. In the meantime, they’ve added 21 new members to help diversify their brood. Stay tuned on whether they’ll just have a livestream, tweet out the winners or, you know, send them out via carrier pigeon.

(Via Variety)