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The Jazz Are Reportedly Trading Miye Oni And A Future Second Round Pick To The Thunder

Trade season is slowly approaching in the NBA, and as is typical, the first deals to get done are either to fill sudden roster holes due to injuries or cap/roster space clearing moves (sometimes both) with an eye towards future deals.

The Rajon Rondo trade that sent the veteran point guard from L.A. to Cleveland fit both of those categories, as the Cavs were desperate for a veteran guard after Ricky Rubio’s injury and the Lakers were eager to clear a roster spot and save some tax dollars (which involved adding the Knicks to the deal to take and waive Denzel Valentine). Our second trade of the new year fits the latter category, as the Jazz are apparently shipping guard Miye Oni out to Oklahoma City in an effort to clear a roster spot (if needed) as well as save some tax money as Oni’s guarantee date was coming up.

As for why the Thunder would do this, they’ll be getting a 2028 second round pick for taking Oni’s deal off the Jazz books, as Sam Presti continues his quest to collect every future draft pick in the NBA and eventually redeem them for a prize.

This is a move that could set up another move if Utah wants later, as they’ll have a roster spot handy for the buyout market or another trade.