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Chance The Rapper Mistakenly Paid The Price For Forgetting The Lyrics In A Celebrity Karaoke Game

Jimmy Fallon is a menace and he must be stopped. His new show, That’s My Jam, riffs on some of the musical segments from The Tonight Show, which he also hosts, but also adds a head-to-head challenge aspect for its celebrity contestants with added, over-the-top consequences for the losers — and sometimes, even the winners, as Chance The Rapper and Joseph Gordon-Levitt learned in last night’s series premiere.

Chance and JGL, and their opponents, Alessia Cara and Josh Groban, were shut into their own isolation booths for a challenge called “Say It, Don’t Spray It,” in which the challenge is to sing along to a hit karaoke-style until the music suddenly drops out and the lyrics must be completed. Forgetting the lyric will cause the microphones to spray the team that misses the lyrics with water while getting it right will cause the other team to get hosed.

For the final round, the chosen song was Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ On A Prayer” sung by both teams. The music drops out just as Jon belts “we’ll make it, I swear” and JGL absolutely nails it — only for him and Chance to catch a faceful of H2O just as they begin to celebrate. It turns out, there might be a few kinks to work out of the system. To make up for the mistake, Alessia and Josh get splashed as well — although the “Here” singer is just small enough to avoid the worst of it — so justice was (sorta) served.

Watch Chance The Rapper and Joseph Gordon-Levitt get accidentally hosed down in the clip above.