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Sean Hannity Wildly Ranted About ‘Swamp Creatures’ After Completely Ignoring The Jan. 6 Committee News On His Show

Sean Hannity is not exactly being forthright with his reaction to yesterday’s news about his (alleged) January 6 involvement. More specifically, Hannity’s apparently being encouraged to cooperate with the House Select Committee on January 6 over reports that he urged President Trump to shut down the insurrection by making a plea to the MAGA crowd. There’s no subpoena, yet, for Hannity, who was one of multiple Fox News personalities who were said to be in touch with Mark Meadows during the siege on the U.S. Capitol, but maybe a subpoena will be forthcoming, after all.

That’s just a hunch because the January 6 Committee put it all out there on Twitter, saying that they’d like Hannity to “answer questions about matters including communications between Hannity and the former President, Mark Meadows, and others in the days surrounding Jan 6th.” And over at Fox News, as Mediaite points out, Hannity spent the entirety of his Tuesday night episode pretending that nothing is happening. He did, however, start ranting about “swamp people,” as Mediaite, which has video, reports:

“I have an important message to all you elected swamp creatures in Washington, D.C., your willing accomplices, your press secretaries in the media mob. It is frankly repulsive, just repulsive that all of you sycophants, you sit idly by, you say nothing, you do nothing, as Joe Biden completely mismanages Covid-19.”

In other words, it’s probably no surprise at all if we see an actual subpoena coming down the road for Hannity. He’s a master of diversion, after all. Back in 2018 when Fox News confirmed that Trump attempted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller (and this was the story of the night), Hannity famously responded by showing a high-speed car chase. Priorities.

(Via Mediaite)