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Surprise! Yet Another Resident Of The MAGA-Loving Villages Retirement Community Has Been Arrested For Voter Fraud

Ever since losing the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has been crowing about election fraud to the point where it boiled over into a full-blown insurrection on January 6 that made even his best friend Sean Hannity say, “Hey, maybe calm down.” While evidence of widespread voter fraud has yet to materialize, what has been repeatedly found are residents of the MAGA-loving Villages retirement community in Florida getting busted for voting in multiple states. Whoops.

This time around, it’s 64-year-old Charles Franklin Barnes who has become the fourth resident to get arrested for voter fraud after he allegedly voted in Florida and his original home state of Connecticut. As for how The Villages residents keep getting picked up for voter fraud, well, it appears someone ratted them out with a super subtle email. Via ClickOrlando:

Anonymous emails sent to Florida’s Secretary of State in May by someone using the pseudonym “Totes Legit Votes” prompted the voter fraud investigation, court records obtained show. The self-described “citizen election integrity analyst” reportedly used publicly available voter registration data to identify numerous Florida voters who may have also cast ballots in other states.

“I believe that if hundreds of people sign sworn affidavits that they saw election irregularities, people should at least try to check into it,” the anonymous tipster told News 6. “You can’t claim ‘the system is working’ if random internet people have to find the violations for you.”

Despite Trump’s repeated claims to the contrary, little to none of the few instances of voter fraud in the 2020 election were in Joe Biden’s favor. In fact, they were the opposite, but who’s going to let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good coup, right?

(Via ClickOrlando)