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The Broadcaster Who Made An Insensitive Remark Towards Kevin Porter Jr. Issued Up An Apology After LeBron Called Him Out

Glenn Consor, the Washington Wizards broadcaster who made a comment on Wednesday night about Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. that drew the ire of basketball fans, has issued up an apology. Porter hit a jumper in the waning moments of the game to secure a 114-111 win for the Rockets, which led to Consor saying that he “pulled that trigger right at the right time” like his father.

It has been pointed out that Porter’s late father spent time in jail after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter before he was born, which led to LeBron James speaking out and saying there’s no place in the NBA for Consor.

As Cavs forward Kevin Love said (still prior to the apology), there was nuance in the discussion.

In his apology, Consor claims this was a misunderstanding on his end. He was not referring to Porter’s father, and instead, Consor claims that he did not do his homework and was of the belief that former NBA guard Kevin Porter was his dad — Porter spent a decade in the league and had a few stints with Washington when the team was known as the Bullets.

Of course, one can argue pretty easily that Consor is not exactly saving face here by admitting he did not do the proper research in the lead-up to the game and assuming that the two NBA players were related. Regardless, we will see if Porter has anything to say about this the next time he speaks to the media.