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The Pope Got To Hear ‘Megalovania’ From ‘Undertale’ During A Live Performance

Undertale quickly became an indie classic thanks to a perfect storm of nostalgia — it boasts a gameplay style that felt very similar to SNES classic Earthbound — and some incredible music. Composer and Undertale creator Toby Fox made one of the best soundtracks in a video game ever and people are still listening to it today.

One song managed to stick out above the rest, as the theme for the game’s most iconic character, “Megalovania,” quickly became the soundtrack’s most popular song. In fact, the song is so iconic that it’s hard to not recognize it almost immediately upon being played. Its growth into such a recognizable track is why it was notable when a recent performance act for Pope Francis featured “Megalovania.”

With this, we now know for certain that the Pope has at least heard “Megalovania.” We don’t know his thoughts on it, or if he even was able to recognize that a classic video game track was being played, but this is easily one of those moments that’s going to go down in gaming history as a pretty fun moment. Now, if we can speak to the Pope directly: Pope Francis, hi, hello, if you wanna learn more about Undertale, get in touch and we will happily give you a walk through.