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‘The White Lotus’ Has Cast A Big ‘Sopranos’ Alum As One Of The Stars Of Its Second Season

Like Mare of Easttown, The White Lotus was only supposed to be a one-off. But in the case of both HBO shows, there were a lot of fans, and they wanted more. A second season of Mare and its plethora of Philadelphia-isms is still up in the air, but another round of The White Lotus was announced shortly after the first season wrapped, even if it meant ditching most (but probably not all) of its cast. A new group of vacationers (and put-upon resort staffers) will be put through the ringer, and now we know that one of them will be a major Sopranos alum.

As per Deadline, Michael Imperioli — Christopher Moltisanti, yes, though also Spider, the ill-fated mob bartender from Goodfellas — is the first announced name in White Lotus’ Season 2 cast. He’ll play Dominic Di Grasso, described as “a man traveling with his elderly father and recent college-graduate son.”

No word yet on who will be joining him on another, different Hawaiian resort in the White Lotus chain, but he may wind up knocking back fruity cocktails with Jennifer Coolidge, who earned the best reviews of her career as a grieving woman who may have found love in middle age (while also screwing over a kindly White Lotus employee she promised to help).

Imperioli was last seen, or at least heard from, in The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel movie to The Sopranos, in which he narrated as Christopher from beyond the grave, allowing his Hollywood aspiring mobster to finally find his way into the movies.

(Via Deadline)