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A Chicago News Station Appears To Have Been Punked On Live TV By A Barfing Pseudo-Activist

When you book a guy who represents a movement that claims “Birds Aren’t Real,” you should probably be prepared for things to go south. And that’s exactly what happened on Chicago’s WGN Morning News when “activist” Peter McIndoe dialed in Thursday morning for a remote interview to discuss his conspiracy theory organization. As far as anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten could ascertain, Birds Are Real appears to be a satirical group that is actually highlighting the concerning abundance of conspiracy beliefs that have spread like wildfire in recent years.

However, it appears the group is interested in spoofing more than just crackpots as McIndoe proceeded to punk the newscasters by barfing up his coffee.

After McIndoe made sure his “puking” could be clearly heard on the show, the anchors gave him time to recuperate before realizing this whole thing was probably a setup. Via Mediaite:

Later in the program, Potash and Baumgarten wondered aloud if they had been “punked” by McIndoe, who is a fairly practiced hand at doing media appearances.

“I don’t think we really know for sure now. Kind of stuck in the middle there. We wish him the best,” Potash said, adding “You know, if we got punked. Shame on us. And if he’s really sick and he’s got an issue of some kind, we hope he’s okay.”

In a follow-up to his “apology” tweet for puking live on the air, McIndoe gave an update on his condition on Friday and figured out the likely source for his stomach problems: the government.

“Taking a day out in the woods to realign myself with the movement and get back on track,” McIndoe tweeted. “I’ve made mistakes. But this isn’t the past, this is the future. And I owe it to you to forge a better one. I do not want to make any claims but there was a targeted government poisoning.”

(Via Mediaite)