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Kirsten Dunst Was Napping When She Found Out About Her SAG Nomination Because One Of Her Kids Threw Up At 4 AM

On Wednesday, the Screen Actors Guild announced their 2021 nominations. There were plenty of surprises: no Kristen Stewart for Spencer, no Pose, no Penelope Cruz, no Alana Haim. (On the other hand, there’s the unexpected but deserved nom for Bradley Cooper’s maniacal turn in Licorice Pizza. Oh, and Jared Leto.) One film whose inclusion was not surprising is The Power of the Dog, the renegade Western by Jane Campion. Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodi Smitt-McPhee, and Kirsten Dunst were all nominated. But only one of them had to be woken up to hear the news because one of their kids spent the night puking.

The Wrap reached out to the actress, who earned her first-ever SAG citation for her turn as a widow in 1920s Montana who marries a ranch owner (real-life husband Jesse Plemons), much to the dismay of the man’s possibly closeted brother (Cumberbatch). She gave the usual gracious boilerplate. (“It just feels so wonderful to be included and be in a movie that people are watching and people are loving.”) But she was also unusually candid about how she learned she’d been celebrated.

“And one of my children threw up at 4 a.m., so I was actually napping when I woke up to all these texts that I’d been nominated,” Dunst confided. “And I was like, ‘Hold on, gotta give the baby a bottle first.’ It’s a funny balance right now between these two parallel worlds.”

So congrats, Kirsten Dunst, for being recognized for a strong performance in one of awards season’s biggest films — and for adding some life to a typically reverential season.

(Via The Wrap)