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The Portland Pickles Had To Cancel A Mascot Takeover On Twitter Over A ‘Disturbing Image’

Running a minor league baseball team’s social media requires some serious creativity, particularly during the offseason (not to mention in the midst of a Major League Baseball lockout). The offseason content drought is very real, and trying to drum up some excitement for the upcoming season takes some extra effort.

For the Portland Pickles, a collegiate wood bat summer league team, they decided to turn their mascot, Dillon, loose for a social media takeover that almost immediately went off the rails when Dillon posted a selfie that, while intended to be him giving fans a thumbs up, looked like he was showing them a very different part of his mascot anatomy.

In a highly unfortunate photo crop, it certainly looks like we are staring at a fuzzy, green penis, which is immediately what everyone else jumped to in the replies, which were rather hilarious.

It took less than 15 minutes for someone on the social team to see all of the replies and realize they had made a grave mistake, and the Pickles ended the mascot takeover abruptly with an apology from Dillon, who was just trying to give a thumbs up.

As always, the lesson is to look carefully at pictures before you post them to your company’s social account because sometimes you might have a photo that makes it look like your mascot is exposing himself to everyone.