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Sarah Palin Really Doesn’t Want A Jury To See This Footage Of Her Rapping ‘Baby Got Back’ While Dressed As A Bear

Sarah Palin, who even the most trolled person on Twitter has an issue with, is suddenly everywhere. If she’s not stating that she’d only get vaccinated “over my dead body,” she’s threatening to run for office again or accusing Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of wanting to “pound” sex into people’s heads. The former-Alaska governor also filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times over a 2017 editorial that, she claims, falsely linked her to the 2011 mass shooting in Arizona that wounded Rep. Gabby Giffords.

The case will go to trial, and when it does, Palin would really prefer if the jury didn’t see her perform “Baby Got Back” while dressed as a bear on Fox’s The Masked Singer.

Sarah Palin wants jurors to be barred from seeing footage of her appearance on The Masked Singer in her defamation case against the New York Times that may go to trial in the coming weeks. In a court filing in the Manhattan federal suit Monday, the former GOP vice presidential candidate listed a number of proposed exhibits she wants hidden from the jury because they could cause “unfair prejudice and confusion,” among other issues.

The exhibits she wants dismissed (due to “unfair prejudice and confusion; improper character evidence; and hearsay”) include “Masked Singer Video – Dancing and Rapping” and “Masked Singer Video – Reveal,” as well as “Palin Instagram Account” and “ – Online Store.” You can’t buy a copy of her Masked Singer episode on the website, but you can purchase a used DVD of Sarah Palin’s Alaska for $2.12.

Boy, it sure would be a shame if you were to watch Palin on The Masked Singer, the footage of which I’m definitely not posting below.

If anything, Sir Mix-a-Lot should be suing her.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter and the New York Post)

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