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Stephen Colbert Had A Field Day After Dr. Fauci Called Rand Paul A ‘Moron’ On A Hot Mic

While appearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci brandished a fist full of receipts while calling out Rand Paul for campaigning off of prolonging the pandemic. But that wasn’t the only viral moment for the infectious disease specialist. As Republican Senator Roger Marshall prepared for a round of questioning, Fauci could clearly be heard saying, “What a moron, Jesus Christ,” over a hot mic. It was pretty great stuff if you enjoy seeing Fauci show up on the Senate floor and school Republicans on the reality of the pandemic, and one person was definitely here for it: Stephen Colbert.

During his opening monologue on Tuesday night, Colbert relished playing the clip of Fauci whipping out print outs of Paul’s campaign website that ask for donations next to an image that reads “Fire Dr. Fauci.”

“Get him, Fauch!” Colbert said. “Take off the gloves and a mask! ‘I have your results, senator, and I regret to inform you that you’ve contracted my boot in your ass.’”

The late night host was equally as thrilled with Fauci’s hot mic moment as well. Via The Daily Beast:

“And Fauci let it be known in no uncertain terms that it’s not his fault if the senator doesn’t know how to Google,” Colbert said, before sharing the moment that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases could be heard uttering, “What a moron,” followed by “Jesus Christ” under his breath.

“And now that clip lives forever on the internet,” he said after he stopped laughing. “The one place where Senator Marshall and his staff will never be able to find it.”

So all in all, a pretty great day for… Fauch? Yeah, we’re not feeling that nickname either, but we’ll let Colbert have it. He seems so happy!

(Via The Daily Beast)