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Even Tucker Carlson Isn’t Here For Glenn Beck’s Claim Of Anti-Vaxxer Internment Camps

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to spreading misinformation when it comes to the COVID vaccine. Just the other day, he was touting Viagra as a miracle cure. So it was notable when Carlson issued a rare fact check after hosting Glenn Beck on his show on Tuesday night. The former Fox News host and avid white board scribbler stopped by Carlson’s show to promote his new book, The Great Reset, and in true Beck-ian form, he came loaded with a wild conspiracy theory about anti-vaxxers being forced into internment camps in the state of Washington. Via Mediaite:

“Tomorrow morning at 9:30, the Washington state Covid detainment emergency, they are going to have a state board of health discussing from 9:30 to 3:30 tomorrow allowing health, local health officers to use law enforcement to force an emergency order in involuntarily detaining a person or group of persons’ families to be isolated in a quarantine facility following the refusal to voluntarily comply with requested medical examinations, testing, treatment, counseling and vaccination. This is an internment camp.”

After thanking Beck for appearing on the show, and sending him off with a “God bless,” Carlson ended the segment by saying his producers found no evidence to back Beck’s claim.

“We’ve gotten a lot of communication about the law that Glenn mentioned in Washington state,” Carlson said. “We’ve not been able to track that down, obviously, things have happened in the last years we never would have imagined are true. So, of course, our minds remain open and we will continue to look.”

Obviously, Carlson left some wiggle room to appease his conspiratorial-minded audience, but Wednesday morning came and went, and anti-vaxxer internment camps did not start springing up in Washington. Our deepest condolences to Glenn Beck.

(Via Mediaite)

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