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Bart Scott Suggested Players Take Viagra To ‘Get That Circulation Going’ Before Bills-Pats In The Snow

One of the best games of the NFL’s 2022 Wild Card weekend should be the AFC East showdown between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots. The two teams split their season series this year, only it came with the catch: The road team won both games.

This Saturday’s game will take place in Buffalo, where it’s expected to be cold as all hell because it is Western New York in January. The last time the two teams played in Buffalo, it was in crazy wind and snow and the Patriots won despite only throwing three passes all game.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Bills quarterback Josh Allen said that his No. 1 priority is staying warm, because, “I got bad circulation in my feet. My toes get really cold and they go numb a little bit. So just keeping those suckers warm and as dry as possible, as well as the hands — obviously that’s a big emphasis for quarterbacks, you need your hands to throw. So keeping those extremities as warm as possible.”

One day later and ESPN’s Bart Scott, who played his fair share of games in cold environments during his NFL career, has some advice for Allen and any other Buffalo player concerned about the conditions.

“Can I give you a suggestion for him?” Scott asked on ESPN’s Get Up, because irony is dead. “Josh Allen listening? Can people get this message to him? Vi. A. Gra. Take some Viagra before the game, baby, because that’ll get that circulation going right.”

Scott went on to say that plenty of players during his NFL career took Viagra “because Viagra opens up the blood vessels.” He is not the first ex-player to make this claim, as Chad OchoCinco has said in the past he did the same thing. Anyway, word of this got back to Bills tight end Dawson Knox, who said the following:

The Bills throw a lot, which elongates games, and based on some Googling I have done, there is no word on what a football player who took Viagra should do if a game takes longer than four hours.