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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Now Blaming Dr. Fauci For Breaking ‘The World’ With A Particularly Kooky Rant

Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t met a conspiracy theory she won’t wholeheartedly embrace, which recently led to her now permanent ban from Twitter. You’d think getting deplatformed for spreading COVID misinformation would slow Greene down a bit, but nope. She stopped by the latest episode of Steve Bannon’s podcast where she proceeded to regurgitate the age-old rumor that Dr. Anthony Fauci is behind the creation of the coronavirus, which Greene refers to as a “bioweapon” deployed by China. She played all her greatest hits, but with a new twist that Fauci has essentially destroyed the whole planet.

Via Mediaite:

“Dr. Fauci is responsible for all of this. He created the gain-of-function. He gave it to China. They created the bioweapon, which is Covid-19, and it broke the world,” she claimed. “But our government and anyone that goes along with this and doesn’t fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him and hold him accountable is failing the American people.”

Of course, Greene has been routinely flagged for spreading COVID misinformation. Following her ban from Twitter, Greene was temporarily suspended by Facebook for posting pandemic lies. And while the GOP has been no stranger to embracing COVID misinformation, Greene’s antics have been so wild, that even Republicans are getting sick of her.

One vocal critic is Greene’s congressional colleague, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who has not held back his criticism of Greene. Crenshaw has called out Greene for her stupid antics and referred to her as a grifter, which resulted in the two of them feuding over who’s hurting the conservative brand the most. To put it politely, it’s a close race.

(Via Mediaite)