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Forget Crypto, Ed Sheeran Is Getting Into Crypts

Ed Sheeran’s Suffolk estate is already the stuff of legends. The man behind the first song to ever garner 3 billion Spotify streams, (“Shape Of You,” duh) has an estate with over seven buildings including a pub, a gym, a nearly completed chapel, and a wildlife pond. Also a noted environmentalist, he’s even gone on record to say that he’s looking to buy up as much land as possible so he can plant more trees and “rewild the UK.” Now his latest project might just top it all: a crypt.

According to The Guardian, Sheeran filed an application last December to built a crypt below what he dubs the Wynneys Chapel Hall. The application with the East Suffolk Council is still waiting approval, but it would see the construction of a 1.8 meter by 2.7 meter chamber beneath the chapel floor, dubbed a “burial zone.”

The ongoing construction of the chapel above is said to include a spiral-stair tower and stained-glass windows, adding an ornate structure to the $5 million estate that many have commonly referred to as “Sheeranville.” The countryside property seems to be a modern day Graceland and Sheeran indeed lives on site with his wife Cherry and their daughter, Lyra.

There’s already one complaint on the application request from “Miss Anna woods 1 cambridge,” who as of Friday, January 14th, simply “objects” to the construction request. Sheeran has come under fire from neighbors before, who claimed that the wildlife pond was actually a swimming pool. Sheeran refuted this claim on The Hits Breakfast Radio Show back in June saying that “I just think people just need to mind their own business.”

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.