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‘Please Help Me, I’m Dying’: Hilaria Baldwin Shared Some Of Alec Baldwin’s Peculiar Drawings

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin, is best known for pretending to be Spanish and having a tendency for being tone deaf. Her latest online antics are a clear example of the latter. As Mediaite reports, Baldwin posted a series of wildly disparate photos to her Wednesday Instagram story, two of them featuring her husband staring at the camera blankly and holding up two very strange pictures, which the Oscar nominee apparently drew.

Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram
Alec Baldwin with drawings
Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram

As Sarah Rumpf writes for Mediaite:

In the middle of Baldwin’s Story, there were two photos of Alec. In both of them, he is standing against a wood-paneled wall, staring glumly at the camera as he holds up a drawing. In the first drawing, a frowning man says “Hello!” and a woman in a bikini replies “May I help you?” In the second, the man is lying down, saying “Oh, God. Please help me. I’m dying,” as the woman replies, “Do I know you?”

Hilaria posted these two photos with the captions “ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME” on the first and “NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL…” on the second, along with a small video figure of herself sarcastically clapping.

Ummm… what?

Journalist Emily Miller saw the photos and wondered “Is Alec Baldwin taunting the sheriff investigating him?”

While the meaning behind them will likely not be revealed, the timing behind the cryptic (and rather childlike) drawings is odd. Earlier today, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office—which is still investigating the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed when a gun Baldwin was holding on the set of the Western Rust accidentally fired—said that the actor has yet to comply with their search warrant for his cell phone, while Baldwin has been telling a very different story.

Last week, Baldwin posted a video to Instagram in which he claimed to be cooperating with authorities. But just today, authorities denied that was the case, saying that the actor has yet to comply with a search warrant issued nearly a month ago requiring him to hand over his phone to investigators.

It’s not the first time that Baldwin has seemed to be at odds with the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office. In December, the district attorney handling the case was apparently unhappy with Baldwin’s decision to sit down with George Stephanopoulos to give his first public interview since Hutchins’ October 21, 2021 death.

(Via Mediaite)