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Discussing ‘The Ride’ Episode Of Sopranos, On Pod Yourself A Gun, With Guest Kyle Ayers

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St. Elzéar’s Fire

Put your favorite gold hat on and listen to the latest PYAG with comedian and host of the Never Seen It podcast Kyle Ayers talking to Matt and Vince about The Sopranos season 6a episode 9, “The Ride.”

The “ride” in question is a faulty teacup carnival ride that puts Janice in a neck brace, or at least inspires Janice to make use of a neck brace in a classic Janice grift. The teacup was part of the St. Elzear’s festival, which itself is a grift perpetrated by Paulie and a local church. When the new priest then tries to shakedown Paulie, he, of all people, is the first in this episode, and maybe the series, to point out that the Catholic Church might be the real gangster, or at least the real child abuse cover-upper.

Before the festival Chris and Tony are reminiscing about that time they conspired to kill Christopher’s fiancé, and Kyle points out that for some reason, Tony seems uncomfortable reminiscing with his criminal friends about their heinous criminal acts. The lesson being: work/ life balance is hard for everyone.

There’s also some talk about the Beatles, “Brokeback” as an adjective, the drawbacks of cannoli as an eating contest food, and pasta slop Foley art.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.