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Seth Meyers Loves The ‘Insanity’ Of Mike Lindell’s Plan To Imprison Just About Everyone In America

Generally speaking, “insanity” isn’t a word you want to bandy about too much or drop into casual conversation. But when talk turns toward MyPillow magnate Mike Lindell, few other adjectives seem quite as apropos. And his latest idea is so bonkers, that Seth Meyers is already picturing how it would play out as an HBO limited series.

On Thursday night, Meyers shared a clip of the ever-shouty Lindell laying out his latest plan to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election—a project that Lindell has reportedly sunk about $25 million of his own money into, even though Donald Trump himself seems to have moved on to other things. Like golfing. So that his viewers could make heads or tails of what Lindell was talking about, Meyers laid out what he thinks the Pillow Man is suggesting: “imprison almost everyone in America.”

In an interview with Real America’s Voice (whatever that is), Lindell—not for the first time—seems to be bragging about all the “evidence” he has gathered on what he believes was a fraudulent 2020 presidential election. “We already have all the pieces of the puzzle,” Lindell said. “And you talk about evidence: We had enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life—300-and-something million people. We had that all the way back to November, December.”

It’s admittedly hard to follow right along with Lindell at times; fortunately, Meyers was there to help translate—and to explain what it might look like if Lindell starred in a second season of HBO’s The Undoing:

“So this is the kind of insanity that has taken hold of the GOP… Which is why investigating the coup is so necessary. Otherwise, they’ll just do it again. Which is also why Republicans are refusing to participate in any way. For example, the committee conducting the investigation just asked House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy for information and McCarthy said he will not cooperate.”

As for his new HBO drama? You’ll have to watch that part for yourself above; the Lindell clip begins around the 3:30 mark.