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The Pacers Trolled Devin Booker By Having Someone Wear A Dinosaur Costume After His Tiff With The Raptors’ Mascot

Devin Booker went to war this week with The Raptor, the official mascot of the Toronto Raptors. After shooting a free throw in the otherwise empty ScotiaBank Arena, Booker complained about the mascot’s attempt to distract him, which led to The Raptor moving elsewhere out of Booker’s line of sight. Apparently, all is well between the two, as evidence by the fact that both of them changed their Twitter pictures recently.

It was all very, very silly, especially because a human in a big dinosaur mascot had to go off into a corner because they were yelled at by an NBA player. Anyway, Friday night is the Phoenix Suns’ first game since that incident, as they made their way to Indiana to play the Pacers.

Thankfully, some folks in Indianapolis have a good sense of humor, because someone decided to have a person dress up in a dinosaur costume and bust Booker’s chops. Before the game even started, Booker’s pregame warm-up was interrupted — well, kind of — by the person in the costume, with Booker seeing things and addressing whomever was in that thing.

During the Suns’ lineup introduction, the Pacers decided to play the theme song from noted thing about dinosaurs Jurassic Park.

And then, during the game, the person in the costume decided to press their luck a la The Raptor by trying to distract Booker during free throws. They even had a sign!

To every other NBA team: Please pay for a dinosaur costume for when Booker comes to town.