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Troy Aikman Really, Really Wished He Was Calling Niners-Cowboys, Not Eagles-Bucs

The start to the NFL’s first six-game Wild Card weekend had one controversial, one-score game that featured some drama in Cincinnati (unfortunately mostly centered on the officiating) and a pair of absolute blowouts with the Bills and Bucs both dominating against the Patriots and Eagles, respectively.

The Eagles-Bucs game was the first game of the Sunday slate, with Fox getting the draw for Tom Brady’s first game of the postseason, sending Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to Tampa, while Jim Nantz and Tony Romo scooped up the marquee game of the day in Dallas, where the Cowboys would host the 49ers in the 4:30 p.m. window. Throughout the Bucs blowout of Philly (that finished 31-15, closer than the game really felt), Buck and Aikman were not shy about voicing their frustrations with having to watch the Eagles flounder about on the field, but Aikman made things crystal clear in the promo for the late game, when he said point blank he wished he was in Dallas instead.

“It’s gonna be a great game,” Aikman said of the Niners-Cowboys matchup. “It’ll be a really good game. There’s a lotta people who’d like to be calling that game. But should be a lot of fun.”

Buck’s reaction is priceless, as he just chuckles and realizes they’re gonna get a call from someone at the league for that, but it’s surely how both felt. While Brady is a draw, the Eagles just flat out didn’t show up until the fourth quarter and it was a pretty ugly game that couldn’t have been all that fun to call. Still, you can rest assured this won’t sit well with some fans and the league may have some private complaints for Troy.